Combat PTSD Angels

Who Are We?

Combat PTSD Angels are a community of carers committed to the empowerment and education of other carers and family members of UK veterans with PTSD.

What Do We Do?

Among other things we offer friendly, confidential support that can only be given by someone who has been through the same situation.  We help each other with the day to day struggles of  caring for a loved one with combat related PTSD.  We provide a safe meeting place, both online and at our meetings.  We have a list of educational book that we send (free of charge) to Angels struggling with issues relating to their loved ones PTSD.  We help Carers find good, fit for purpose help for their loved one while keeping themselves mentally safe.


Where Can You Find Us?

Online.  We have public and private Facebook groups with information on services to help our members.  Our closed group is a place to let our members 'Let Off Steam' and chat with other carers who understand.

In Person.  We have a growing number of 'Chat and Cuppa' groups for nationwide meet ups.

The Collard Family

We were determined that PTSD would not tear our family apart.  PTSD affects every part of our lives but we find ways to cope and live.

Our Amazon list of preferred reading


Our Book List

The wait between diagnosis and treatment can be a long, frightening time for a family supporting a loved one with PTSD.  It is not uncommon for a veteran to be on a waiting list for treatment for 18 months+.  We send books to both children and adult family members to help them educate themselves and understand what is happening to their loved one, this can be invaluable for a family left to cope alone.  

With your help we can support more carers when they need it most.


                                                      Lots of our Angels tell their story in Aftershock by Matthew Green


The Enemy Within


The diary of a Veterans carer

Meet the team


Meet the carers who care for each other



By donating a few pounds you are helping us empower and educate more carers and loved ones of UK Veterans

Educational Wishlist


The wait between diagnosis and treatment can be lengthy, we send educational books to help adults and children learn about their loved ones condition, you can help by purchasing a book here

Help 4 Heroes


Many of the families we support are also supported by Help 4 Heroes

Veterans Gateway


The first point of contact for Veterans needing support 



The Confederation of Service Charities



Lifelong support for Veterans and their families

The Royal British Legion


The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community - serving men and women, veterans, and their families 



Useful information while caring for your lived one

Carers Trust


Action, Advice and Help for carers

Young Minds


 YoungMinds exists so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health 

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